Gum Disease

It’s sneaky, serious, and can sabotage your oral health! Gum disease is bad news.

When you are under the care of the professionals at Dr. Ackerman’s, you can fight gum disease and win!

Gum disease is a serious dental issue that can cause the gums to become red, swollen, and bleed easily. It’s important you seek treatment as soon as possible because if left untreated it may progress into something more severe like periodontal ligament damage or tooth loss! To combat this harmful disease, regular visits with Dr. Ackerman and cleaning appointments are required. If you live in the Carmichael, CA area and think you might be suffering from gum disease, call our office today to set up an appointment with our expert right away! The sooner you can get treated, the better it will be for your smile. 

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  • What Is Gum Disease? 

    Gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, is the number one cause of tooth loss in America. It affects more than 80 percent of Americans by the time they are 45 years old and starts out as an infection that gradually leads to your natural teeth being destroyed over time. The causes of gum infection are plaque-based bacteria, which produce enzymes and toxins to injure your gums over time until they separate from teeth in places where there’s no support for natural tooth tissue left behind as you age with other people who have also been infected all their lives without ever knowing what was happening right under them!

    The connection between gum disease, heart disease, and other serious health conditions has been widely studied by researchers. They’ve found that bacteria present within infected gums can move throughout our body – via the bloodstream – and create problems throughout your body. This includes irritation which leads to the hardening of arteries, increasing the risk for strokes.

    Stages Of Gum Disease

    • Gingivitis – The early stage of gum disease is gingivitis. As toxins and other plaque byproducts irritate the mouth, they make it tender as well as make the area more likely to bleed easily when stressed or injured. However, with proper oral hygiene practices, such a situation can be avoided for good if treated quickly enough by our expert dentist!
    • Periodontitis – During the periodontitis stage, the bone tissue in your teeth begins to be damaged by disease. The gums also begin to recede and expose the sensitive tooth roots. 
    • Advanced Periodontitis – Advanced periodontitis is a serious gum disease that can lead to tooth loss and other health problems if left untreated. It occurs when the teeth have lost most of their support from ligament, bone tissue, and attachment points. At this point, tooth extraction may be the only option to save the overall health of the mouth.

    If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, we recommend that you have routine cleanings to actively prevent the gum disease from getting worse. These are called “periodontal maintenance” cleanings, meaning they occur more frequently than prophylaxis sessions and include additional procedures to ensure that the gum disease does not flare up again. If you or someone you know is suffering from gum disease, we are here to help! Contact our office today to set up an appointment with our team today. 

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