Caring for your teeth is important, but this is only half the battle when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile!

Through periodontics, patients can receive all the care they need to maintain healthy gum tissue and other tissues that support the teeth.

The discipline of periodontology is the study and treatment of diseases or conditions that affect teeth’s supporting structures, as well a wide range in severity from milder issues such as gingivitis up to severe forms like oral cancer. The specialties of periodontal procedures include laying the groundwork for restorative and cosmetic dentistry or just improving your gum line aesthetics. At our office in Carmichael, CA, we are equipped with the knowledge and technology to restore your smile no matter the condition. To learn about the procedures we offer, read below!

  • $99 Cleaning, Exam & X-Ray*

  • $69 Exam & X-Ray*

  • Frenectomy

    If you have an excess amount of tissue connecting your lower and upper lips, then a frenectomy procedure may be recommended by our doctor. The frenectomy procedure is a common dental surgery that can be used to remove excess tissue from the lower and upper lip. Frenectomies may not only help people maintain their smiles but improve speech patterns as well.

    Crown Lengthening 

    You may be surprised to find that your teeth are the proper lengths but covered with too much gum tissue. Crown lengthening can correct this condition and make you happy again! Crown lengthening is a cosmetic dental procedure that can make restorative work possible. With crown length adjustments, we’ll expose more of what needs to be restored so it’s easier on your gums while you get the smile of their dreams!

    Gum Flap Surgery

    This procedure is used to treat deep pockets between teeth and gums (6 millimeters or deeper), where it’s difficult for our dentist to thoroughly clean out plaque. The gum flap lifts away any diseased tissue, exposing smooth surfaces of the tooth which are then smoothed with root planing before medication helps heal everything quickly.

    Bone Grafting

    When a tooth is lost, the bone beneath it will react by becoming thinner and reducing in height. This process of resorbing minerals from our bodies affects many aspects including how we speak. The bone grafting procedure, which is often required for accurate placement of dental implants and other procedures such as sinus lift surgery or jaw realignment surgeries can be done using a tissue bank or synthetic materials combined with collagen membranes for protection and strength before being placed into your mouth where they’ll provide support against teeth loss. With more support, dental implants can be added to replace the missing tooth that was lost, strengthening your oral health as a whole. 

    Sinus Grafting

    To allow room for dental implants in cases where there is no space available within the mouth, a sinus graft will be conducted. This procedure only affects maxillary cavities located just over molar teeth in the upper jaw and opens up one side so that new implants will fit into its cavity properly for placement later on down the line when they are ready. Using an osteotome lift, a surgical procedure that raises the floor of your sinus directly over where an implant will be placed, we can conduct surgery as minimally invasive as possible. 

    Soft Tissue Grafting

    Root exposure can result in an array of problems, such as undesirable aesthetics and sensitivity. In addition to this, root exposure may also lead to the teeth becoming loose over time, eventually leading to tooth loss if not properly treated in time. A gingival tissue graft will help enhance your gum structure around the tooth, giving your tooth more support so that you can keep on smiling for years to come.

    At Dr. Ackerman’s office, we want to make sure that our patients are always leaving the office with happy, healthy smiles. If your mouth is in desperate need of a checkup, our expert doctor is here for you! Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment.

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