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Cerec Same Day Crowns

Do you need a crown but hate to wait? Visit Dr. Ackerman’s and get a beautiful crown in one day! Our CEREC same-day crowns offer the perfect fit, flawless function, and brilliant appearance – all in a fraction of the time needed for traditional crowns! There are many reasons why our Carmichael, CA dentist may […]

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Suffering from lost teeth? At Dr. Ackerman’s, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, functional, and happy smile! Whether you are missing a few teeth or an entire arch, we can build the perfect denture for you. Dentures are a great option for people who have lost their natural teeth. These realistic-looking substitutes will help you

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Pediatric Dentistry

Dentistry isn’t just for adults! Taking care of your child’s oral health is important as well! At Dr. Ackerman’s our team is keen on keeping kids’ teeth clean – all the while making the experience fun! The primary teeth are just as important as their permanent ones, and healthy teeth are a necessary component for

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Caring for your teeth is important, but this is only half the battle when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile! Through periodontics, patients can receive all the care they need to maintain healthy gum tissue and other tissues that support the teeth. The discipline of periodontology is the study and treatment of diseases or

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Gum Disease

It’s sneaky, serious, and can sabotage your oral health! Gum disease is bad news. When you are under the care of the professionals at Dr. Ackerman’s, you can fight gum disease and win! Gum disease is a serious dental issue that can cause the gums to become red, swollen, and bleed easily. It’s important you

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Preventative Dentistry

Want to hear the secret to smile health? Prevention! Cleanings, checkups, and exams are at the core of healthy smiles. Don’t skip the basics when you are striving for the best smile! Attend your routine appointments and make sure you keep your teeth in great shape between visits! With over 20% of adults reporting some

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Restorative Dentistry

Don’t let a damaged grin stay that way! At Dr. Ackerman’s, our team of experts can repair, restore, and revitalize your smile! It does not matter what type of tooth damage you may have, our practice can provide you with a solution! You don’t need to suffer from a damaged tooth. If your teeth are

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Dental Implants

Missing teeth can’t hold you back! At our practice, we offer a revolutionary solution for restoring smiles! Dental implants are truly the closest thing you can get to a natural tooth. Strong, sturdy, beautiful, and functional—you can’t go wrong! Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth because they look and feel like

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Cosmetic Dentistry

At Dr. Ackerman’s, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always imagined! Whatever your smile goals might be, we have it all! Whether you’re looking for a brighter smile or a complete transformation, you’re in the right place! Cosmetic procedures are used to make your smile stand out and capture everyone’s

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